Best ChatGPT Plugins for WordPress 2023

ChatGPT is making waves with its advanced conversational abilities and content creation skills. As a WordPress user, you can supercharge your site by integrating ChatGPT through handy plugins.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top WordPress plugins that connect to ChatGPT in 2023.

Why Use ChatGPT with WordPress?

Here are some of the key benefits of utilizing ChatGPT plugins on your WordPress site:

  • Generate new post ideas and content outlines
  • Create SEO-optimized articles, stories, and page copy
  • Answer site visitor questions with an AI chatbot
  • Fix grammar issues in existing posts
  • Develop landing pages and sales copy
  • Transcribe audio into text
  • Optimize keyword density for pages
  • Programmatically create knowledge base articles

Whatever your use case, ChatGPT can automate and enhance many aspects of managing a WordPress site.

Top ChatGPT Plugins for WordPress

Here are the most popular and robust ChatGPT plugins available right now:

SEOPress ChatGPT Assistant

One of the first ChatGPT plugins available, SEOPress Assistant deeply integrates with the SEOPress SEO plugin to generate content optimized for rankings. You can create posts, outline topics, analyze existing pages, and more.


This plugin adds a “Create New Post” button powered by ChatGPT, along with settings to configure content generation. It asks you questions to create more tailored posts.


Besides content creation, ChatGPT4WP enables front-end ChatGPT chatbots on your site to answer visitor questions. It also transcribes audio to text using AI.

LimitlessBlocks ChatGPT

From the makers of the popular page builder, this plugin focuses on using ChatGPT to generate blocks of content within your pages such as blurbs, lists, and paragraphs.


Integrating directly with the new WordPress 3.0 UI, this plugin uses conversational prompts to create posts, outlines, titles, descriptions, and more.

Kadence ChatGPT

Focused on ecommerce sites, Kadence ChatGPT helps you generate product descriptions, landing pages, and other sales copy using AI conversationally.

While not strictly a plugin, offers a widget to access its AI assistant for crafting high-converting landing pages, ads, and marketing copy.


JarvisAI is another AI writing service that provides a WordPress plugin for content generation, keyword research, SEO analysis, and automated blogging.

Ryte ChatGPT for WordPress

From well-known WordPress tool Ryte, this plugin taps their AI capabilities specializing in on-page SEO and readability. Optimize existing content directly.’s WordPress integration allows paraphrasing posts and pages to easily create rewritten duplicate content with its AI rephraser.

Key Features to Look For

When evaluating ChatGPT plugins, here are some key features to consider:

  • Conversational interface – Prompts you via questions rather than requiring input.
  • SEO-focused – Looks at optimizing pages for search engines beyond just generic content.
  • Outline creation – Generates complete outlines to flesh out later instead of full posts.
  • Batch processing – AI can optimize multiple pages or posts at once.
  • Audio transcription – Converts audio clips into text transcripts using AI.
  • Role controls – Restrict which user roles can access the plugin.
  • API integration – Leverages OpenAI or other APIs under the hood.
  • Page analysis – Provides feedback on how to improve existing pages.

Prioritize plugins that align with your specific use cases and site objectives.

Evaluating Accuracy and Ethics

No AI is perfect, so when testing ChatGPT plugins:

  • Review content thoroughly before publishing.
  • Verify key facts, statistics, and statements.
  • Watch for inaccuracies, biases, or plagiarism.
  • Use AI for assisting human creators rather than fully automating.
  • Disclose if posts were generated with AI help.
  • Seek diverse perspectives from real humans vs solely an AI.

With thoughtful oversight, ChatGPT can augment WordPress sites safely and effectively.


ChatGPT provides an enormous opportunity to scale content creation, optimization, and delivery on WordPress sites.

Carefully testing plugins to find options well-suited for your goals and use cases will let you tap into the power of AI.

Just remember – technology is only as beneficial as we make it. Establish ethical content practices as part of your ChatGPT implementation.

With prudent guidance, the top ChatGPT plugins for WordPress can level-up your publishing workflows in 2023 and beyond!


Are ChatGPT plugins free to use?

Most ChatGPT plugins are free, but may require a paid API key from OpenAI. Some plugins offer premium add-ons or subscriptions.

What are the risks of overusing ChatGPT content?

Overuse of AI content risks lowering quality, losing unique value, and penalization for duplicate content. Use ChatGPT to augment human writing.

How accurate is the content generated by ChatGPT plugins?

The quality can vary. Always carefully review and edit any AI-generated text before publishing to correct inevitable errors.

Can these plugins work with any WordPress site?

They should be compatible with most modern WordPress installations. But confirm plugin compatibility with your specific theme and WordPress version before use.

Is the content considered original if edited by a human?

Legally, the edited work is considered your original content. But ethically cite any generative AI sources used for transparency.

Will my site get banned if I use too much AI content?

Potentially by search engines if quality suffers. Use judiciously and ensure value-add through human oversight to avoid issues.

What’s better – plugins or standalone AI services?

Plugins provide tighter integration but standalone services offer more flexibility. Using both together can maximize benefits through API integrations.

Can I automate all my blogging with ChatGPT plugins?

Not recommended – the human touch remains critical for quality. Use judiciously as a tool to augment your skills rather than replacing your voice.

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