How To Use Claude’s AI Assistant in Slack (2023 Guide)

Claude is an impressively advanced conversational AI assistant created by Anthropic. Many teams are now eager to bring Claude’s natural language capabilities into their Slack collaboration workflows.

In this guide, we’ll walk through everything you need to know to effectively set up and utilize Claude in your Slack workspace for easier communication, better team coordination and next-level productivity.

An Introduction to Claude AI

For those unfamiliar, Claude is an AI chatbot designed by startup Anthropic to engage in helpful, harmless and honest conversations. Some of its key features include:

  • Natural language processing for highly conversational interactions
  • Unique personality backed by a consistent backstory and character
  • Broad knowledge spanning diverse topics and domains
  • Commitment to provide truthful information
  • Refusal to perform unethical or dangerous actions
  • Ongoing improvements to Claude’s capabilities and safety

This combination of advanced language skills, defined personality and principled stance sets Claude apart from other AI assistants. Integrating Claude into Slack can supercharge collaboration.

Benefits of Adding Claude to Your Slack Workspace

There are many potential benefits to bringing Claude’s AI abilities into your team’s Slack collaboration flows:

Faster Access to Information

Claude excels at providing informative answers in seconds, which can make team members far more productive.

Help Desk and Customer Support

Claude can field many common support queries and quickly escalate to humans when needed.

Interactive Training

Claude’s conversational nature makes it ideal for interactive employee training.

Automating Tedious Tasks

Take menial work like data collection and transcription off your team’s shoulders.

Boosting Creativity

Claude’s unique perspectives can stimulate creative thinking during brainstorms.

Monitoring Conversations

Claude can review conversations and extract key details so humans don’t have to.

Scheduling and Coordination

Let Claude handle scheduling logistics and finding optimal meeting times.

Adding Claude provides a versatility that streamlines communication, coordination and knowledge sharing.

How To Add Claude to Slack in 4 Steps

Integrating Claude into your Slack workspace is straightforward. Here are the key steps:

1. Get Access to Claude

You’ll first need to sign up and get access to Claude through Anthropic’s beta program. Join the waitlist at to get started.

2. Install the Claude Slack App

Once you have Claude access, install the Claude app from the Slack App Directory. Add it to your workspace.

3. Configure User Permissions

Configure which user permissions Claude needs to function effectively across your Slack channels and conversations.

4. Start Chatting with @claude

You’re all set! You and your team can now engage @claude in any channel or DM to leverage its AI capabilities.

And just like that, your team is ready to boost productivity and collaboration with Claude. Easy!

Key Settings for the Claude App

To ensure Claude works smoothly across your Slack workspace, you’ll want to configure a few key settings and permissions:

Access Public Channels

Enable this so Claude can monitor conversations in public channels and participate when @ mentioned.

Access Private Channels

For private channels, you can selectively choose which ones Claude can access.

Message Responses

Allow Claude to freely respond with information when mentioned in conversations.

Message Composition

For Claude to provide proactive notifications, enable its ability to compose its own messages.

Take time to review each permission carefully when installing the app. Adjust channel access and abilities to suit your unique needs.

8 Ways To Use Claude in Slack for Collaboration

Here are some of the key ways teams can benefit from Claude’s AI capabilities within Slack:

Company Directory and Org Chart

Claude excels at recalling details on colleagues, projects and your organization structure.

HR Policy and Benefits Questions

Enable Claude to field and answer recurring HR and benefits questions.

Onboarding and Training New Hires

Let Claude handle walking new employees through materials and answering questions.

Customer and Partner Briefs

Claude can quickly create summary briefs on clients, vendors and partners when needed.

Meeting Transcriptions and Notes

Claude can sit in on meetings and provide transcripts, notes and next steps.

Data Analysis and Insights

Get Claude to pull key insights from data sets mentioned in conversations.

Project Management Assistant

Keep Claude updated on tasks and milestones so it can provide proactive notifications.

Watercooler Conversations

Chat casually with Claude during breaks just like you would any colleague.

Explore creative ways for Claude to enhance your team’s workflows and effectiveness in Slack.

Exciting Improvements on the Horizon for Claude

While already powerful, Claude’s creator Anthropic is rapidly improving its conversational AI assistant. Exciting enhancements on the product roadmap include:

  • More natural conversations and contextual awareness
  • Expanded domain knowledge and capabilities
  • Tighter integrations with popular business tools
  • Richer personalities and backstories
  • Proactive notifications and recommendations
  • Ability to ingest documents and data in real-time
  • Private access and data controls for enterprises
  • Ongoing improvements to safety and truthfulness

The Claude assistant of the future will prove an invaluable coworker enhancing every team’s performance and potential.


Adding Claude’s conversational AI abilities into your Slack collaboration flows opens up game-changing possibilities for improved productivity, efficiency and teamwork. With its expertise across diverse domains, responsiveness to conversations, and integrations with workplace tools, Claude in Slack promises to become a digital teammate every organization needs.

Follow the steps in this guide to get Claude set up in your own Slack workspace. Then get ready to transform team collaboration to new heights!

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How do I get access to Claude for Slack?

You need to join the waitlist at to get access to Claude. Once granted access, you can install the Claude app from the Slack App Directory.

What permissions does the Claude app need in Slack?

At minimum, Claude needs access to public channels, ability to respond to messages, and compose its own messages. Adjust settings per your needs.

Can I use Claude in private Slack channels?

Yes, you can selectively grant Claude access to private channels. Take care when providing access to sensitive channels.

Is there a cost to use Claude in Slack?

Currently Claude is free in its beta phase. Anthropic may introduce paid plans in the future as capabilities expand.

What integrations work well with Claude in Slack?

Top integrations include Google Suite, Trello, Asana, GitHub, Salesforce, Zendesk, and Intercom. Integrations expand Claude’s capabilities.

What’s the best way to train Claude on my company terminology?

When Claude doesn’t understand specific terms or acronyms, use the feedback button to provide explanations that will help train it.

How do I provide feedback to Claude on its Slack responses?

Use the thumbs up and thumbs down reactions on Claude’s messages to reinforce positive and correct negative responses.

Are there any risks to enabling Claude in Slack?

Granting Claude access to sensitive data could create risks if used inappropriately. Monitor use carefully and limit access when needed.

How will Claude’s capabilities evolve over time?

Anthropic plans improvements in conversational quality, contextual awareness, tool integrations, domain knowledge, personality depth, and safety.

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