Something Went Wrong, Please Try Reloading the Conversation: FIX ChatGPT Error

ChatGPT provides an incredible AI assistant to converse with. But sometimes errors crop up like “Something went wrong. Please try reloading the conversation.” This vague message can be frustrating when you want to continue chatting.

In this guide, we’ll dig into the common causes of this error on ChatGPT and how you can resolve them to restore functionality.

Why the “Something Went Wrong” Error Occurs

There are a few key reasons you may encounter this error:

  • Heavy traffic overflow is straining ChatGPT’s servers.
  • Glitches in the connection between your device and ChatGPT.
  • Corrupted conversation data is crashing the chat.
  • You reached internal ChatGPT limits for conversation length or complexity.

Essentially any hiccup in communicating with ChatGPT’s backend systems can manifest as “Something went wrong.” The fixes aim to refresh the connection.

Fix 1: Reload the Chat Page

Reloading the page is the first step ChatGPT recommends for a reason – it’s effective in many cases.

When the “Something went wrong” error appears:

  1. Click the reload icon in your browser or press F5 to refresh.
  2. Wait for the page to fully reload.
  3. Try opening your conversation again.

This resets the connection and often resolves transient glitches. If the problems persist, move on to further solutions.

Fix 2: Hard Refresh the Browser

Sometimes a normal page reload isn’t enough. A hard refresh flushes your browser cache and forces fetching the latest ChatGPT resources.

On Chrome, Firefox, and most browsers, hold Shift+click the reload button or press Ctrl+F5.

On Safari hold Shift+Cmd+R. Now reopen your conversation.

The hard refresh dumps any corrupted browser cached data that may be interfering with ChatGPT loading correctly on your end.

Fix 3: Use Incognito/Private Browsing Mode

Incognito or private browsing modes don’t save browser history, cookies, or cache.

Open an incognito window in your browser, head to and see if you can open the conversation that got the error.

If the chat works fine in incognito, then regular browser data is the likely culprit. Clear cookies and site cache fully to address this.

Fix 4: Try Again Later During Less Busy Times

During peak hours, ChatGPT usage surges and strains its infrastructure. You’re more likely to encounter errors like “Something went wrong” when demand spikes globally.

Check for service updates and try your conversation again later during off-peak hours for the best experience.

The same conversation may work seamlessly during less congested periods when ChatGPT has more server capacity.

Fix 5: Clear ChatGPT Conversation History

Over lengthy chats, your conversation data could become bloated and corrupt ChatGPT’s responses.

To start fresh, delete your existing ChatGPT history:

  1. Click your profile picture > Settings.
  2. Choose “Clear conversation history”.
  3. Confirm clearing your data.

Now retry your conversation – without old baggage, the error may be resolved.

Fix 6: Reset ChatGPT Data in Your Browser

For browser-specific issues, clearing ChatGPT data can help:

On Chrome, go to Settings > Site Settings > Clear & Reset > Clear Data > Clear.

On Firefox, go to Privacy & Security > Cookies and Site Data > Clear Data > Clear.

This wipes any corrupted cache or cookies that may be causing conflicts or glitches.

Fix 7: Switch Browsers or Devices

In rare cases, a particular browser or device exhibits issues communicating with ChatGPT’s backend for technical reasons.

Attempt the conversation in alternate browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge to isolate the problem.

Similarly, try your smartphone if originally using a desktop or vice versa.

If the chat works fine in the new browser or on your mobile device, the unique technical configuration of your original browser or machine are likely the root cause. You may need to troubleshoot further or switch browsers going forward.

Fix 8: Check Your Internet Connection

Spotty Wi-Fi or broadband connectivity can also disrupt access to ChatGPT and cause “something went wrong” errors.

Ensure you have a strong, stable internet connection when using ChatGPT for the best experience. Retry when your network connectivity improves.

Fix 9: Contact ChatGPT Support

If all else fails, reach out to ChatGPT’s customer support for personalized troubleshooting assistance.

Provide details like when the error occurs, steps attempted, browser info, and relevant history. They may be able to pinpoint unique technical issues.

Preventing Future “Something Went Wrong” Errors

To avoid recurring errors going forward:

  • Clear conversation history regularly to prevent bloat.
  • Close other browser tabs using significant memory.
  • Update your browser and extensions for compatibility.
  • Retry during off-peak hours if errors persist.
  • Bookmark the page to retain your place when refreshing.
  • Enable cloud backups so conversations aren’t lost.
  • Provide feedback via the ChatGPT interface on any persistent bugs.

Staying proactive helps circumvent technical hiccups that otherwise disrupt your ChatGPT experience.


While irritating, “Something went wrong” errors on ChatGPT can typically be quickly resolved through reloads, refreshes, retrying in incognito mode, clearing history, switching devices, and reaching out to customer support in difficult cases.

With conversational AI advancing rapidly, some glitches are expected. But a few simple techniques can get your chat flowing again smoothly.

The next time the vague “Something went wrong” message pops up, work through these fixes to get back to having productive conversations with this groundbreaking AI.


What causes the “Something went wrong” error?

This error is most often caused by temporary connection issues between your device and ChatGPT’s servers, overloading from too many users, or corrupted cached conversation data.

Will I lose my chat history if I get this error?

Your conversation should be preserved after refreshing the page or clearing errors. However, resetting your history or browsing data will erase conversations.

How can I pick up where I left off in a conversation if I have to reset it?

Bookmarking your place, taking screenshots, or copying the text can help you get back to the same point after refreshing.

Does this error mean I’m banned from ChatGPT?

No, “something went wrong” does not indicate your account is suspended. It is just a generic connection issue that can be fixed by troubleshooting.

Could my internet connection be causing this error?

Yes, an unstable or slow internet connection can prevent properly loading ChatGPT, resulting in errors. Try on a different network.

I keep getting this error on my phone – what should I do?

On mobile, turning airplane mode on and off can force a fresh reconnect. Or try deleting and reinstalling the ChatGPT app as a workaround.

Will trying these fixes slow down or crash my browser?

The fixes are generally harmless, but clearing all browsing data or history may impact other tabs or require relogging into sites.

How can I prevent my chat history from getting too long?

You can set a history expiration in ChatGPT settings, or periodically copy portions of long chats into a document to retain while clearing the history.

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